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No, not the Territorial Army
tuck in your shirt
I'm currently applying for Teaching Assistant (TA) jobs, having changed career direction yet again. (There's got to be something out there that I want to do that I'm not overqualified for.) There are three things I have to send them: a CV, an application form, and a letter saying why I'm perfect for the job. The application form, though, is basically my CV put into their boxes. And it includes a section where I have to detail the skills and knowledge that make me perfect for the job. I keep getting a strange feeling of deja vu filling it all in. Do you think they'd noticed if I just copied and pasted bits? I could always argue that it was a result of the fact that I'm extremely good at using my time efficiently...

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Is this with older kids or younger ones ? Donning my wise-old-man's beard and slightly-pompous air for a moment I'd say it's a mistake to cut-and-paste too much on job applications ; you have to start from fresh with each one I think matching your answers up to the person specification. Don't want to sound too much like your parents but I have a lot of (bitter) experience of post-college job hunting !

It's 11-16 year olds with special needs. I'm not copying and pasting, really, just writing the same sentence three different ways, which seems to be one of the few skills my degree has actually been useful in developing!

And don't worry about sounding like my parents... my dad doesn't care, and my mum pulls faces whenever I tell her what I'm applying for and goes hunting around on jobs websites, sending me links of things she thinks I ought to do instead. So yours is nice, balanced advice, really!

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