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A very long weekend that hopefully won't fly by while I'm having fun...
jd hug
I'm back in Aber - surprise! Surprise to me as well, actually, since I didn't intend to be back here till tomorrow, and had booked train tickets according to said intention, but then there was frantic texting due to last-minute boy-stupidity (see strandedinaber's entry) and much angst-ing (which is a word now if it wasn't before) and now I'm here a day before I was going to be. But I am here. Despite the fact that it took me ten minutes to get the ticket machine thingy at Nottingham station (which ironically is called a FastTicket machine) to give me my tickets this morning. (It's a good job I'm habitually half an hour early.) It kept refusing my debit card, but then accepted it, only to refuse it again when I asked it for the next set of tickets. Ridiculous thing. The fact that buying two tickets (Nottingham to Birmingham, then Birmingham to Aber separately) is cheaper than buying one Nottingham-Aber ticket is also ridiculous. But I'm back in Aber, and 'tis good. Am not staying at the flat, because it'd be all empty and weird, but still. I'll hopefully get to see everybody in the next 5 days, and I can pick up my Writing Project and my last essay, both of which have apparently been marked. 'Tis much better than sitting round at home alternately twiddling my thumbs and applying for jobs I'm overqualified to do that no one wants to give me...

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Always a good idea to get to the station early. Do you go via Birmingham and Shrewsbury. I went that way to Aberdovey - it's a lovely journey.

Yep, Birmingham and Shrewsbury, then to Borth and Aberystwyth after Machynlleth instead of trundling over the estuary to Aberdyfi and beyond. It is a lovely journey - I always like to think I can tell when we get into Wales, because it just looks different... all green and beautiful!

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