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Not so mostly harmless after all
tuck in your shirt
Ah, it's Big Brother season again. (For those people living in a nuclear bunker or a foreign country lucky enough to have thus far escaped the plague, Big Brother is a "reality" TV show where they lock a group of desperate people with clashing personalities in a house, film them 24-7, and then let the public evict them one by one until someone "wins".) My thoughts on the whole debacle in previous years have generally been along the lines of "not my cup of tea; mostly harmless waste of time", but I was thoroughly disturbed by something in the paper yesterday. Apparently one of the contestants on the Australian version of BB hasn't been told that her father died last week. The producers have decided not to tell her. I'm sorry, that's not trying to make good television (whether BB could ever be classed as "good" TV is another debate), it's just plain wrong. I hope that when she gets out of the house and finds out, she sues them for every last penny she can screw out of them and hits them where it most hurts - in their bottomless, money-grabbing pockets...

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Well I will plead guilty to having watched it in the past but I haven't seen it for the last couple of years. I like the shows where they're learning to do something like Strictly Come Dancing but just sitting around watching a bunch of idiots also sitting around is not a good use of time imo. What's happening in Australia sounds morally indefensible. Maybe if the whole BB thing implodes they might start making a few more documentaries about normal people and everyday life. But I wouldn't hold your breath ...

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