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Antonio, Antonio, it's raining, it's raining again
It's been raining almost solidly for over a week now, with no more than 24 hours' break at a time. When it started, the wheelbarrow in the back garden was empty - this morning, it started overflowing, we've had that much rain. And the ground's full, so things are flooding - fields, paths and roads. This is a picture of the main street in the next village to mine ( and our main street looks much the same, only it's chocolate brown from the mud from the fields and it's flowing like a river down the road, bubbling and fountaining over the drains, covering the pavement. Kind of cool, but only if your house is far enough away from the worst of the water and you're not out in the rain. It's cold as well - I wore a winter coat to the shops this afternoon. Where did summer go?
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My Dad's sent me links to pictures of Oxton. At last check, the rain was in people's houses and there was only one route out of the village that wasn't flooded.

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