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Final and conclusive proof that lecturers take mind-altering drugs
cristina yay
My degree results came in the post today, completely unexpectedly, and I got my first! Yay! The fact that it was all coursework and I already knew that doesn't detract in the slightest from having the final marks on paper and seeing it written down. The mark for my Writing Project, which was the bane of my life for months on end, is ridiculous - it said "high first" when I got it back, which was great, but kind of hard to define. The border mark for a first is 70, but 80 always seemed like an impossible mark, so how high is "high"? Turns out it means 84! 84! I'm just going to sit here and stare at the paper in stunned disbelief for a while, I think, and wonder what on earth my lecturers have been taking!

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Yay! Go you!

Really, really well done!!!

As you can tell by the over-enthusiastic exclamation marks!!!!!

)Plus, exclamation marks are still in the right place on the keyboard, which canät be said about a lot of the other punctuation=

Thank you! Hope you're getting used to Finnish keyboards now and not feeling too homesick :)

Fantastic ! Congratulations ! I hope your parents, siblings etc are suitably proud of you !

Thank you! My parents and grandparents are proud of me, I think. My sister, not so much - she thinks I get good marks just to make her feel inadequate :)

Ah well that'll just be a bit of the old sibling rivalry. I bet she's proud deep down though !

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