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Data protection and the wonders of telephone tennis
respectfully no
A woman rang my house on Monday, wanting to speak to my dad. Conversation went something like as follows:

Me: He's at work.
Her: Can I have his mobile number?
Me: Can I ask what it's regarding?
Her: It's about an enquiry he made to us - I'm following up.
Me: And what company are you from?
Her: Well, due to Data Protection I can't tell you that.
Me: Well in that case, due to Data Protection I can't give you his mobile number. Bye bye.

Nice man rang up yesterday afternoon, wanting to speak to my dad, saying it was about an enquiry he'd made that they really needed to follow up on. I suspected it was the same company, and told him to ring back today at half 6.

Phone rings at half 8 this morning. The stroppy woman again.

Me: He's at work.
Her: I really need to get hold of him.
Me: Well, as I told your colleague yesterday, ring this evening about half 6. Bye bye.

So tonight, at half 7 (plainly they operate in a different time zone), the man rings, and I pass the phone to my dad. A minute later, he comes back and puts the phone down. Turns out they were one of those debt-resolution type companies, and they thought Dad had made an enquiry last Thursday about entering into an agreement to get rid of his (non-existent) debt - plainly they'd got the number wrong for someone with the same surname. But I think that has to be the best "wrong number" scenario I've had for a while! I'm kind of hoping the woman will ring again tomorrow morning, just for the satisfaction of telling her to go away for once and for all!

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Any news with the job hunting ?

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