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Watching the world go by

Books, baking and balls of yarn...

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Things you can do with a first class degree in Literature and Creative Writing:

- Get stuck in a relatively small coastal town in Mid Wales
- Work as a letting agent in said town
- Get driven steadily crazy by work and constant trekking back and forth to see your family
- Have a mini nervous breakdown, leave job, friends and life, and move nearly 200 miles across the country to live with your parents again
- Try and find a nice, simple, boring 9-5 job for which your degree doesn't make you hopelessly overqualified
- Find a 9-5 job in London that is anything but simple and boring, commute every day, and love it because you might just finally be using a tiny bit of your degree
- Train to be a primary school teacher, because it's what you wanted to do in the first place

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